Our - Vision

  • To promote effective Records Management in the country
  • To assist Companies in solving their records management issues, streamlining their business processes through development of successful and appropriate information and records management projects and providing them excellent services all the time.
  • Aim to be widely appreciated as a dedicated partner and an outstanding team

Our - Mission

To drive value through the continuous development of Records management processes, respond to customer needs in a timely and professional manner, actively promote best business practices, create a fulfilling workplace based on mutual respect, encourage team and individual achievement and grow as a Family.

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Welcome to Our Site

Archive Records Management Services was launched with an aim to provide quality records management services and to create satisfied customers. The goal was to provide a quality product at competitive prices topped with quality services. Archive wants to be the differentiator on account of services in this industry. We currently have warehouse at Ahmedabad and have started a representative office at Jaipur .



Archive is about the systematic control and secure upkeep of the valuable records of an organization. Current business trends show that many organizations lack the time or resources to manage their records systematically.