We provide electronic document management solutions which include document imaging services i.e. scanning of physical files and a wide range of document conversion services including PDF, TIFF or JPG conversion, full OCR correction and OCR scanning services. All this is done as per the needs and requirements of the customer and ensuring the best resolution images and error free indexing.

We also provide basic and advanced document preparation services, complete quality control which includes image inspection and cleaning up. We provide the scanning services both off-site as well as on-site.

Digitization process includes database design, the customized eDMS software which helps retrieving the images easily and sophisticated indexing schemes which helps in the interfacing of the scanned and indexed documents with most of the software.

We provide special solutions for the Medical records and have an expertise in scanning the X-ray and MRI reports thus making available the entire case history of a patient at just a click of the button.

We scan papers of all sizes and even books. For a free quote, please do write to us with details of the age and type of paper to be scanned, size (legal, letter, A4, A0 etc) and quantity and also the output format (TIFF, JPG, JPG etc, OCR, colour, grayscale or bi-tonal images) as well as the quality required (75 dpi, 150 dpi etc). We would also like to know the quality of the paper (thin, thick, status of pins and staples in the documents etc). The scanning is to be done on-site or off-site. All this information will help us give you the right quote.

Advantages of Digitization

  • Automatically creates the backup of paper file
  • Saves the paper files from over exposure hence increasing their life
  • Allows multiple users to access the same document any time
  • Secures sensitive documents from unauthorized access
  • Reclaim valuable office space
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves responsiveness to clients
  • Eliminates the chaos of lost files
  • Access documents instantly and easily

Process Flow for Digitization

  • Document Preparation:
    • Staple and pin removal
    • Repairing torn documents
    • Straightening the folded documents
    • Rotation of documents to one orientation
    • Placing documents into a consistent sequencing
  • Scanning/Indexing:
    • Scan the documents
    • Index the documents as per client's requirements
    • Grouping the scanned images
    • >Renaming the images
  • Post scan process
    • Quality Control
    • Dual checking of images with the documents
    • Re-stapling the documents
    • Ready for storage
    • Incorporate the images into the eDMS software (if needed)

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Archive Records Management Services was launched with an aim to provide quality records management services and to create satisfied customers. The goal was to provide a quality product at competitive prices topped with quality services. Archive wants to be the differentiator on account of services in this industry. We currently have warehouse at Ahmedabad and have started a representative office at Jaipur .



Archive is about the systematic control and secure upkeep of the valuable records of an organization. Current business trends show that many organizations lack the time or resources to manage their records systematically.