We provide comprehensive record management solutions, including document scanning, physical data storage, data entry, and secure data destruction services.


In the age of digitization, the need to have information on finger-tips is a requirement rather than a luxury, and we at Archive acknowledge this requirement through our document digitization services. To fulfil this need, we provide an service of digitizing and processing physical data into digital forms. Our customers can choose to completely digitize their data or select particular segments or sectors that they require to transfer into digital format and our team would immediately comply in carrying out the requests of our clients.

Transaction processing is used to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of customer information, marketing and sales databases, accounting and finance data, patient records and other types of data that need to be tracked over time.

We provide complete back-end support for any process including data entry, uploading, cropping, verification, etc.



Effective record storage begins with assessing which records are important and how long they need to be retained. The records are then stored in a secure location, either in physical or digital form, and tracked through a variety of methods to ensure easy retrieval. We offer services like Secure Storage & Management, File Management, Offsite Records Management, Onsite Records Management, Co-Storage and Strong Room.


Process of destroying confidential documents and data in a secure and compliant manner to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches. This process typically involves using specialized shredding equipment to reduce paper documents into small particles or using secure erasure methods to permanently delete electronic files.We provides Secure Destruction, Hardcopy destruction,Softcopy destruction and  E-Waste & IT Asset Disposal.


  • Web-baseddocument management with a capability of handling 1 million+ documents per deployment.
  • Seamless organization and easy retrievalof official documents that can be hosted on the cloud, on premises, or as a hybrid model.
  • Manage document repositories at an enterprise level withfeatures like central repository, restricted folder access, document categorization, tagging and full text search.


  • Maintain central repository of KYC records and official documents

  • Smart solutions capable of reading and decoding responses shared by CERSAI for ID generation, Probable Match Reconciliation, rejected cases and automating rework of failed records

  • Uses face recognition technology to automatically capture photos and data from application forms and AADHAR cards, irrespective of template.