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At Archive we understand the result of Proper Documentation,that will take all your records related worries away and let you free up internal resources to focus on your company’s core business.We Expertise Telecom Industry, Pharma, Clinical Research Organisations, Broking Houses and Engineering.

Medical Records:

history and care, the patient case notes, medico legal cases, the research reports, staff records, duty records, pharma records, finance and accounts records, the general administration records etc.

These records occupy expensive and important space in the hospitals which creates problems for the patients. These records are also a hygiene hazard as they give asylum to rodents, termites, other insects as well as dust which can be disastrous for the patients. There need to be extra manpower to manage these records. As per the Medical Council of India, if the patient demands his reports, the hospital is liable to provide it within 72 hours of the application.

By outsourcing these records to us will help hospitals to save on lots of space, thus providing better facilities to the patients. With retrievals on real time basis, hospitals will create more transparency in the system and comply with the rules of Medical Council of India as well as National Consumer Disputes Re-dressal Commission. The hygienic condition of hospitals will improve. We will provide selective scanning of important files.

Each and every patient record will be barcoded, indexed and kept in a protective folder thus increasing the life of the documents as well as providing quick retrievals.

A structured and effective records management programme covering all departments and all records irrespective of media, should be the aim of every hospital, and we are there to help you.

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Archive Records Management Services was launched with an aim to provide quality records management services and to create satisfied customers. The goal was to provide a quality product at competitive prices topped with quality services. Archive wants to be the differentiator on account of services in this industry. We currently have warehouse at Ahmedabad and have started a representative office at Jaipur .



Archive is about the systematic control and secure upkeep of the valuable records of an organization. Current business trends show that many organizations lack the time or resources to manage their records systematically.