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Archive is about the systematic control and secure upkeep of the valuable records of an organization. Current business trends show that many organizations lack the time or resources to manage their records systematically. This is where outsourcing them to Archive Records Management Services comes in as a cost effective alternative to in-house self storage for your precious records. Our goal is to be your complete Records Management Solutions guide. We will not merely store your records but manage them scientifically. Archive is all about the most valuable asset of your company: your records! Will assist you in solving your records management issues, enhancing program awareness, services and streamline your business process through development of successful and appropriate information and records management projects. This is your ticket to winning the battle in business excellence and higher profitability, since perfect records management will make you concentrate on your strength i.e. your Business, ensuring enhanced productivity at every level

Archive’s Business objective: Providing Complete Records Management solutions at your doorstep in complete confidentiality

Archive offers you the complete gamut of Records Management related services for business success; right from the initial classification, indexing, pick up, scanning vital documents as per your requirement, storage at our state of art warehouse, retrievals as and when required, and at the end of the lifecycle of the document its safe and certified destruction in an environment friendly manner. Apart from granting you the right records management solutions at every level of business requirement, we will help you reduce the high cost of floor space, shelving equipment and the personnel needed to manage your records, will also save on your precious time spent on locating and retrieving old documents. The state of art warehouses of Archive will help protect your information in event of any calamity. We are also developing a complete disaster recovery plan to meet any eventuality. With our latest computer system you will virtually eliminate lost files thus saving you time and money. This will also help enhance overall productivity and work to your company’s greater benefit in complete confidential manner! We are also providing In-House records management services at your warehouse with our system and procedures.

  • Warehousing: A state of art warehouse, with robust and easy to access racking system
  • Security: Strict security of the premises, no illegitimate access to anyone in the storage area. Hiring of employees after complete background check only
  • Services: We at Archive believe in complete customer delight
  • Technology: We use the most advanced technology in the world for storage, scanning, retrieval and disposition of your records
  • Disposition: We provide complete systematic destruction of your documents by shredding them into fine confetti in an environment friendly manner
  • Contact: We will be available through mail, phone or fax for any of your queries, pick ups, delivery of any retrieval including emergency retrievals.
  • Tracking: Will provide point to point tracking of your records throughout all stages of storage, retrieval, delivery and pick up.

Customer-centric company: Archive recognizes that records are your most important assets! We aim to be a dedicated partner in your growth. So, what do you have to do, you may well ask! Since you trust us at Archive with competent and intuitive handling of your Records and we have the necessary expertise, state of art warehouse and adequate resources to manage them, all you have to decide is the core areas you need our services for!

What makes Archive your first and best choice: A Record Management Firm with a difference!
Cost is usually the deciding factor in vendor selection for most businesses. While some companies lay emphasis on getting the right cultural fit or commitment to quality when hiring the services of a Records Management Company, Archive and its committed team of record management specialists offer you complete satisfaction on all scores i.e. cost-effectiveness, services, security and complete commitment to quality.

The Records Advantage: from Archive

We take all necessary steps to protect the confidentiality of all information about our clients and respect your time, taking maximum efforts in minimum time in managing your records efficiently and your steady partners in growth! We will not make your offices paper less but help them become less paper offices!

Our Team Members, our Strength in Diversity: we wish to be known as a company that believes in people as a united force when faced with diverse cultural and educational accomplishments, which we turn into strengths and our competitive advantage. Our qualified and diversified team members make it their business to see that your business prospers- through managing your records in the best possible and secure way!

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Archive Records Management Services was launched with an aim to provide quality records management services and to create satisfied customers. The goal was to provide a quality product at competitive prices topped with quality services. Archive wants to be the differentiator on account of services in this industry. We currently have warehouse at Ahmedabad and have started a representative office at Jaipur .



Archive is about the systematic control and secure upkeep of the valuable records of an organization. Current business trends show that many organizations lack the time or resources to manage their records systematically.